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Mark Evans, the founder of eVISION MEDIA, has worked as a marketing manager for three companies, and within the corporate marketing organizations of three Fortune 500 technology corporations. With over 15 years of video production experience, he understands what companies are looking for while attending trade shows and conventions in Las Vegas.

Your Video Partner While You Are In Las Vegas

It’s a costly proposition to bring your own videographer, equipment, or crew to Las Vegas to capture 60 minutes or 3 days of professional quality video at an event. That’s where eVISION MEDIA comes in. Think of us as your own video crew located in Las Vegas that you can trust to get the video content you need without having to fly or put up your own crew in a hotel. Additionally, our close proximity to California and Arizona enables us to provide exceptional value at those venues also.

What Makes eVISION MEDIA Different?

Two things set us apart from our competitors. First, we understand the needs of marketing organizations because of our background working within those organizations. Second, we don’t bring along extra gear and personnel that aren’t necessary, so we keep costs down. “I am continuously amazed at the size of the video carts, cameras, camera supports and lighting setups I see being hauled around at trade shows and conventions. It isn’t uncommon to see a large cart packed 4 feet high with gear being pushed around by 3 guys who are getting essentially the same results I get on my own or with one assistant,” says Mark Evans (eVISION MEDIA founder). We live in a time where extremely compact equipment can achieve results that can be described as cinematic in quality. I shoot gorgeous 4K or full HD video with a very small cameras with large sensors, using top of the line wireless mics, lighting kits, and camera supports that fit into a single rolling bag. “I’m continuously looking for ways to make my production kit smaller and lighter, while saving my clients money,” says Evans. Why spend 2 to 5 times more from our competitors for the footage you need? We can shoot your booth, your demonstrations, interviews, testimonials, your talks and B-roll; and send you home with all your video files on a portable hard drive, or flash device. Don’t want to edit it yourself? Hire us to edit the footage for you and produce a beautiful finished product.

At MINExpo, eVISION MEDIA shot and edited videos for WEIR Minerals, providing next day turnaround for daily recap videos, and product specific videos. Employee interviews, product shots, and product demos were used to assemble a number of same day and next day videos for online delivery by WEIR Minerals. Here are just a few of the videos produced during the show.

eVISION MEDIA was hired by Orthopaedic Summit to promote their next conference. Footage consisting of interviews, conference presentations, and B-roll was shot during two half day sessions. It was then edited and delivered to the client so they can promote their upcoming conference in December at the Mirage in Las Vegas.

The video below is a sample of some footage shot recently for a corporate client (Rackspace) during a trade show event. They took it home and edited themselves.

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